SafeVchat Video Conferencing Security
SafeVchat Secure Video Conferencing Platform

Buy SafeVchat, developed and built by cybersecurity experts.

The only video conferencing platform developed and built by cybersecurity experts. Completely cloud based, there is no software the host or guests download and install. Unlimited meetings and participants.

The world's most secure video conferencing platform for compliant and highly-regulated industries.

Approved for use in healthcare, legal & financial, education, and corporate enterprise. Meets and exceeds compliance and regulatory requirements.

Protect Your Privacy & Connect With Anyone, Anytime

Connect with your peers with peace-of-mind knowing that your communications are completely private and secure. The cost of having your conversations, data, and ideas stolen can in some instances be unmeasurable. No other competitor can match the five-level security approach of StrikeForce's new SafeVchat platform.

Only StrikeForce Technologies has out-of-band and keystroke encryption patents, making SafeVChat a genuinely secure video conferencing platform designed by a United States cybersecurity firm with over 19 years of experience.

SafeVchat is the most secure and robust video conferencing platform
SafeVchat Encrypted Audio & Video Streams

Encrypted Audio & Video

Video Camera & Audio Streams are Encrypted

SafeVchat Meeting Authentication

Meeting Authentication

Patented 2FA & MFA "Out-of-Band" Authentication, Email OTP, Push Notification & Biometrics

SafeVchat Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection

Camera, Microphone, Speakers (Audio-Out), Keyboard, Clipboard, Unwanted Screenshots

Flexible Deployment

100 % Cloud Based or Hybrid "On-Premise" Active Directory Sync -LDAP

System Features

No Desktop Client Entirely Web Based, Mobile App for Apple & Android, much more...

SafeVchat Management Tools

Management Tools

Customizable Audit Logs, Detailed Reporting Capabilities

5 Level Meeting Security

  • Meeting Password
  • Meeting Authentication - Every participant is authenticated by Secure 2FA
  • Meeting Authorization - Only participants listed for the meeting are granted access
  • Meeting Endpoint Secured from Malware Spying
  • Encrypted Audio & Video

User Authentication

  • Secure 2FA via Out-of-Band Authentication
  • Multiple Authorization Schemes - Phone, Hard Token, Mobile App (Push Notification, Biometric)
  • User Self Administration Portal
  • Multi-level Admin Portal - User Management and Audit Reports
  • Users Provisioned via Portal, File Import, or Active Directory

Endpoint Security

  • Keystroke Encryption - Protect Your Password and Chats
  • Anti Screen Capture
  • Anti Camera Protection
  • Anti Microphone Protection
  • Anti Speaker Protection

Meeting Management

  • Keystroke Encryption - Protect Your Password and Chats
  • Anti Screen Capture
  • Anti Camera Protection
  • Anti Microphone Protection
  • Anti Speaker Protection

Platform Features

  • No Desktop Client - Entirely Web-Based Conferencing
  • Mobile Application for Apple & Android
  • Audio & Video Conferencing
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Raise Hand Functionality
  • Instant Chat
  • Private / Direct Messaging to Participants
  • Mute Participants

The SafeVchat Competitive Edge

SafeVchat Datasheet

Better Management, Security, and Flexible Platform

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