managed next generation firewall

managed next generation firewall for your smb or enterprise organization

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evolving digital threats require next generation solutions

A traditional firewall is designed to block unwanted traffic from entering your network. In addition to blocking unwanted traffic, a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) also provides features such as intrusion detection and prevention, application control, data loss prevention, and more. Traditional firewalling technology is not sufficient to meet the challenges of protecting against modern threats; however, for most businesses, this is the only thing between them and a major breach.

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what is a next generation firewall?

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A next-generation firewall (NGFW) is an intelligent firewall that provides deep packet inspection, mitigation of zero-day attacks, sandboxing, blocking features on the application layer, and other sophisticated services that traditional firewalls do not offer.  

Because of the complex configuration and maintenance needed, a NGFW should be managed by IT professionals like those at iTecs. Anything related to security for a company is layered and by nature complex; a specialized knowledge set is often required.

At iTecs we can configure, install, license, patch, backup, and monitor any of your existing security assets and any you plan to purchase in the future. As your subject matter experts on call, we are empowered to protect your business.  

comprehensive security for your smb

iTecs Managed Next Generation Firewall Services

Features of iTecs Managed NGFW Services

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Email Protection

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Proven Spam Blocker

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5 Star Security Solution

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Dedicated Team

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Endpoint Response & Detection

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Enterprise Anti-Virus Protection

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Industry Leading Support Team

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Whitelisting, Blacklisting & Greylisting

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Application Layer Protection

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Protection from Zero Day Attacks

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Data Loss Detection & Prevention

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Advanced Phishing Protection

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Enterprise IDS & IPS

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SSL Inspection

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Security Against Infected

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Advanced Threat

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Logs and Usage Metrics

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Customizable Policies

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the differences between a traditional firewall and a next generation firewall

a traditional firewall and a next generation firewall

Both traditional types of firewalls and NGFW firewalls validate connections between a network, the internet, and the firewall itself to ensure security. Traffic is allowed or blocked based on administrator-defined rules using a mix of static and dynamic packet filtering and virtual private network support. Both traditional firewalls and NGFW should be able to read and translate network and port addresses to map IP addresses. However, as the name "next-generation" implies, a NGFW is more advanced.

ngfw application level inspection

Computer software packages or "applications" are widely used within a company by end-users or other applications for businesses to perform specific functions. An application can be self-contained or a group of programs. This is why the application-level inspection capability of a NGFW is crucial in today's world. Just like there are good and bad emails, there are good applications and bad ones.

Using signature matching and analytics, a team managing a NGFW can filter packets based on applications and have better control and visibility. Using an allow list or signature-based internet protocols, safe applications can be distinguished from threatening or unwanted applications. Once identified, secure site license (SSL) decryption can be used, and a safe path for future application updates can be used.

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ngfw intrusion inspection

NGFWs can block malware or malicious software 'intrusions' from entering a network. This is immensely beneficial when threats—or even what is known as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)—to networks and even personal devices are growing and changing every day. But unfortunately, a traditional firewall cannot block malware. Further, considering the work of antiviruses, firewalls, and other security applications can be rolled into one solution, a managed NGFW is a low-cost, basic security investment.

ngfw threat intelligence

How can you prepare for a threat when you aren't sure when it will come or what nature or form it will take? Security for these types of threats is exceedingly complex, and those who create attacks to steal information or paralyze a company from operating realize it. However, it is possible to conduct trend analysis on data collected and processed to understand potential threats.

Threat intelligence gathered by a managed team and NGFW tools enables a business to make faster, data-driven security decisions. Any business should want evidence-based information, and a managed NGFW looks at motives, targets, and attack behaviors to give context, indicators, implications, and action-oriented "intelligent" advice toward threats to a business.

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the benefits of itecs managed next generation firewall services

Leading NGFW companies include Cisco, Check Point, Juniper, FortiGate, Sophos, and SonicWall. We partner with these companies and more to provide your enterprise with the right level of security at the right price point. We also collaborate closely with a representative of your company, such as an Audit Officer, to ensure compliance standards are met.

At iTecs, we manage your next-generation firewall as a complete turn-key solution. In addition to handling access control to your IT ecosystem, subverting modern threats such as application and application program threats, blocking malicious malware attacks, and compiling intelligence, our NGFW services include:

fastest time to detection

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Many network threats go on for days, months, or even years before being detected. With managed NGFW, threats can be detected in seconds, successful breaches detected within hours or minutes, and prioritization and action managed swiftly.

If you want your business technology and its policies maintainable, easier, safer, and more consistent across all facets of your organization, contact an iTecs Professional to discuss what a managed NGFW could do for you.