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enterprise level desktop and server security protecting smb and enterprise clients since 2002

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total security managed antivirus, malware, phishing and ransomware protection for dallas, plano and frisco companies

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We provide your business the top performing antivirus software on the market today. Rated #1 by several antivirus performance testing websites for the last five years, our antivirus solution protects your servers, workstations, laptops and mobile devices from every online threat.  This service is also bundled in our IT Outsourcing program and provided as a standard layer of protection.

We manage the licensing, updating, maintaining and monitoring of every computer protected by our top quality antivirus solution.  One infected machine could lead to highly confidential leaked information and loss of company data.  We ensure that every system is updated, and adequately protected on a daily basis.  If a threat is detected, we immediately investigate the cause and verify it’s completely neutralized.

managed antivirus total security program

Gain access to our cloud AV control center which provides real-time information on your protected devices and reporting features such as which users/devices are the most susceptible to online threats.  You can also request weekly or monthly scheduled reports to sent via email.  Also, whenever a threat is detected, a ticket is populated and tracked within our iTecs Ticketing System.

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itecs offers Advanced Protection available nowhere else

Your system is safeguarded with the following modules to ensure maximum levels of protection.

#1 ranked anti-malware, anti-ransomware, anti-exploit and anti-spam technologies

Catch everything from common malware to advanced attacks and ransomware that other solutions miss while having the smallest possible impact on the performance of your system.

Firewall, Intrusion Detection, Device Control, Web Filtering, Search Advisor, Web and Application Control

The firewall, IDS, and web filtering modules are essential to protect against online-based threats such as hacking and phishing attempts.  Moreover, our user and Web Control capabilities provide custom access restrictions to websites or applications that could potentially harm productivity.

Data control

We can create custom policies that monitor and blocks outbound traffic that contains social security numbers, credit card information or anything you specify.


Ensure the data on your laptops and mobile devices stays secure with hard drive encryption.