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Next-Gen email security and filtering With Check Point Harmony

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When thinking about your digital security posture, your email system functions as a front gate, letting in what the filter considers safe and quarantining or deleting all others. If your email security leaves something to be desired, you could be letting in all sorts of malware, trojan horses, or viruses. In addition to being one of the most accessible avenues for hostile actors to exploit, it is also low effort and low cost - it takes very little time to create a bot that can mass email your employees or clients.

With this in mind, you must ensure that your email security is up to snuff. iTecs utilizes Check Point's Harmony Email and Collaboration tool to offer a comprehensive solution for email security, protecting against phishing attacks, malware downloads, and data leakage.

defend cloud environments with ai trained to combat zero-day attacks

Cloud mailboxes, such as those used in environments like Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, are exploitable vectors that allow hackers to enter your internal environment. Attacks like impersonation, zero-day phishing, and Business Email Compromise (BEC) can all be thwarted through the use of AI-trained engines from Harmony's Email and Collaboration tool managed by iTecs. The tool can scan the email's metadata, links, and attachments, as well as historical context, based on previous communications to determine if the email is safe.

CPH's Email and Collaboration tool can also block malware it hasn't seen before through its SandBlast technology, which combines CPU-level detection and OS-level sandboxing to determine what each threat can do and how to contain and neutralize it. This technology also works quickly, so you won't have to wait for your files to finish scanning - they're ready when you are.

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Protect the data that matters through advanced leak prevention

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iTecs Email Security can scan and detect sensitive information, such as credit card or account numbers, and enforce global security policies allowing you to keep Personal Identifiable Information (PII) safe from accidental sharing. This filter can be configured to recognize many preconfigured and custom data types, allowing you full control over the information that enters and leaves your organization.

features include

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Email Protection

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Proven Spam Blocker

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5 Star Security Solution

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Affordable Monthly Billing

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Easy to Manage Email Security

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Double Anti Virus Protection

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Industry Leading Support Team

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Whitelisting, Blacklisting & Greylisting

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Office 360 Additional Protection Layer

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Protection from Zero Day Attacks

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Data Leak Prevention

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Advanced Phishing Protection

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Dedicated RBLs

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Email Content Filtering

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Security Against Infected

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Advanced Threat

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Spam Quarantine Reports

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Customizable Policies

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Outbound Email Scanning

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email represents 90% of data breaches and ransomware attacks

If you are in charge of cybersecurity for your organization, you can't afford to ignore the impact of email as an attack vector. With iTecs, we can setup, configure and maintain your email solution giving your team time to focus on other tasks. With cyberattacks on the rise, communications defense is more important than ever. Contact an iTecs professional today and discover how we can increase security at your business.