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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about iTecs, its origins, the culture, and what we offer in this FAQ.

Everything You Need to Know About iTecs

About iTecs

Who is iTecs?

We provide an umbrella of IT services to companies across the United States and Canada with the proclivity and reputation of delivering services, solutions, and products by customer-focused professionals.

What does iTecs provide?

The services we provide include cloud hosting, IT consulting, support, managed services, managed security services, procurement, monitoring, backup, and disaster recovery.

With whom does iTecs work?

We work with clients of all sizes in many business sectors, schools, and government agencies. From companies with yearly cash flows of hundreds of millions of dollars to new start-ups, iTecs offers a broad range of IT services and products from which any enterprise can benefit.

How experienced is iTecs?

Since its inception, iTecs has evolved from an IT support company to an essential MSP, MSSP, and cloud hosting partner. We have clients who have utilized iTecs as their exclusive offsite IT department for 18+ years.

Who owns iTecs?

iTecs is a private company owned by Brian Desmot, who started his career working for companies like Deloitte, GTE, and ClubCorp. iTecs was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

When was iTecs founded?

iTecs was founded in 2002.

Who are iTecs' partners?

Cisco, Microsoft, VMWare, Veeam, Sentinel One, SolarWinds, RingCentral, Teramind, LogicMonitor, Tech Data, Cososys, StrikeForce Technologies, and Uphold.

Where are iTecs clients?

Our clients are primarily centered in the United States and Canada. However, we also serve enterprises in the United Kingdom and Israel.

How do I apply for a job at iTecs?

Visit our career page at

Managed Services Provider (MSP)

What is iTecs IT Outsourcing MSP?

We serve as your proactive IT department, providing an umbrella of IT services that include security, asset tracking, management, maintenance, update, procurement, and unlimited support and consulting services. For a monthly fee, we provide our customers with all the tools and expertise necessary to maintain their IT infrastructure.

What is iTecs MSP?

iTecs MSP offers an extensive selection of IT services and products that we provide as a managed service.

IT Support and Break-Fix

What is IT support?

IT Support means that we can identify the cause of an issue and apply the right solution to resolve it.

What technologies does iTecs support?

For break-fix and reactive support, you can purchase a retainer block of hours that never expire or opt to pay us via our hourly model. If you need a proactive approach and 24/7 IT support, check out the iTecs MSP option.

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

What is iTecs MSSP?

iTecs MSSP is managed cybersecurity services that fortify a customer's network, establish IT policies, and relieve trepidation with compliance remediation.

What MSSP services does iTecs provide?

We provide managed cybersecurity services that include penetration and vulnerability testing, patch management, managed firewall, Intrusion Prevention Systems, email security, employee monitoring, antiviral EDR, mock phishing attacks, and much more.

Can iTecs help with compliance remediation?

Yes, we help clients remediate violations within HIPAA, PCI, and SOC 2 compliances.

Can iTecs, as our MSSP, safeguard our data?

iTecs’ multilayer approach, tailored to suit your needs, includes patch management, vulnerability and penetration testing, advanced antiviral EDR, Intrusion Prevention Systems, backup and disaster recovery as a service, and many other related services.

iTecs Promus Cloud Hosting Services

What differentiates iTecs from other cloud providers?

We have a no-control-panel approach for cloud hosting, which means that once you communicate what you need, your private cloud, virtual server, data warehouse, and other cloud services will be up and running. Our experienced professionals help design and implement your cloud services. We also assist with the set up of your cloud assets and data migrations.

What cloud products and services does iTecs Promus offer?

Our data centers can host your private cloud, Remote Desktop Server, data lake/warehouse, CRM, ERP, accounting software, secure data repository, Exchange and SharePoint server, virtual desktops, dedicated servers, and much more.

How does iTecs beat competitors' prices?

Our mission statement is to provide top-quality IT services at a reasonable cost. We've reduced our profit margins but maintained our white-glove approach to provide SMB and Enterprises with the highest quality hosting services at a fair price.

What compliance standards does iTecs meet?

iTecs is continuously expanding our portfolio of Security and Compliance. We meet compliance standards for SOC 2 Type II, SOC 1 Type II, PCI-DSS, HITRUST / HIPAA, ISO / IEC 27001, and GxP, and we are close to completing our enrollment in the FedRAMP.

Has iTecs Promus ever experienced a breach of the network?

Since 2002, we have not experienced a security breach on any of our managed cloud hosting services.