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Today's security landscape is complex and ever-changing. With threats coming from multiple sources, it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with all the changes and manage risk effectively. Organizations across the globe use Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions to detect and respond to cyber threats, but maintaining an IT Department capable of keeping abreast with the latest security changes and managing daily tasks is prohibitively expensive, even for the largest enterprise organization.

Many organizations lack the expertise needed to deploy and manage SIEM systems properly. They often rely on manual processes that are prone to human error. This makes it difficult to identify threats and take action to stop them quickly. In fact, according to Gartner research, 80% of IT professionals say they spend too much time managing threat detection alerts generated by SIEM software. This is why having your SIEM managed by a professional cybersecurity company like iTecs makes sense.  

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what is a managed siem?

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A managed SIEM solution provides several key advantages over traditional approaches to securing networks. With a managed solution, you no longer need to worry about installing and configuring individual components. You don't need to hire experts to configure and maintain SIEM platforms. And you won't have to monitor logs and alerts generated by the system manually.

By having these resources managed by iTecs Security Operations Center, you have the peace of mind of knowing that cybersecurity experts are in control and responsible for protecting your data. You can also rest easy knowing that your SIEM will be updated regularly, so you always stay ahead of the game.

iTecs has been providing managed services for over 20 years. We know how to protect your business against today's most sophisticated attacks. Our experienced engineers and analysts work closely with our clients to ensure their success.

who needs a managed siem solution?

If you have a network that transmits private data, or if you are under obligation to compliance regulations like HIPAA or PCI, you'll find that having SIEM as part of your security strategy is essential. SIEM solutions help organizations understand what happened, why, and how to prevent similar incidents. In addition, if you often face scrutiny from malicious actors, understanding the nature of the attacks they prefer can help you deflect similar attacks before they occur.  

Here are some additional reasons why you might consider deploying a managed SIEM solution for your organization:

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Improve Detection Rates

With a managed solution, we receive real-time alerts whenever suspicious activity occurs within your organization. iTecs Security Operations Center can quickly analyze these alerts to determine whether there is a legitimate threat or regular network traffic. If a threat is detected, we immediately take steps to mitigate it.

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Reduce False Positives

Managed SIEM solutions help reduce the number of false positives that occur when detecting suspicious activities. For example, if an email attachment contains malware, a managed SIEM solution will be able to detect this automatically.

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Automate Incident Response

If a breach does occur, a managed SIEM platform will allow you to automate the process of investigating the attack and taking appropriate actions. Automated workflows ensure that all necessary procedures are followed and that you're following best practices for responding to breaches.

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Ensure Compliance

Managed SIEM solutions comply with industry standards like NIST SP 800-53 and PCI DSS. They also meet government regulations like HIPAA and HITECH. Compliance is essential because it helps prevent fines and penalties from being imposed on your company.

itecs is your managed siem provider of choice

You have options when it comes to improving your security posture. At iTecs, we've been navigating the security landscape for over 20 years and understand the nature of cyber attacks and how to stop them before they become an issue. Contact an iTecs Professional today and discover the value we can bring to your company.

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