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what is penetration testing?

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Penetration testing (also known as ethical hacking) is the process of identifying security vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks. Our iTecs Penetration Security Team will attempt to find weaknesses in your computer systems and networks security measures by trying to exploit them. Our Penetration testers will use different simulated attacks such as exploit kits, network mapping programs, social engineering techniques, and malware to identify any security weaknesses. When a security weakness is found during pen testing, we work with you to address it immediately.

why is penetration testing important?

Penetration testing helps organizations discover how secure their infrastructures really are. Because of this, regular pen testing is an important part of any IT infrastructure. Our iTecs Security Experts help companies identify potential vulnerabilities before they become major problems. It is also very helpful for companies that want to enhance their security posture.

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what is the difference between penetration testing and a vulnerability scan?

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There are many differences between pen testing and vulnerability assessments. One main difference is that pen testing focuses on finding flaws while vulnerability assessments focus on discovering potential risks. Another major difference is that pen testing is focused on system-wide scans while vulnerability assessments are usually limited to single applications.

Penetration testing tends to prod deeper and create a 'What If' scenario to show what could happen if a hostile actor made it through your defenses. In this way it can be a more accurate portrayal of a security breach in that not only does it show you where your weaknesses lie, but shows you the possible consequences if your weaknesses remain unpatched.

what happens after a penetration test?

After performing a penetration test, it’s important to analyze everything you found. Our team of iTecs Security Professionals will go over our results with you and show you the exploitable vulnerabilities you currently have and the best ways to increase your cybersecurity defense. This includes implementing better firewalls, updating antivirus programs, and improving patch management.

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