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mock phishing and training test for your staff

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Phishing, spear phishing, and social engineering attacks occur daily. They're already taking place, and they're aimed directly at your employees. You need to be aware of which employees don't understand the importance of identifying malicious emails.

'Clickers' are the people who tend not to be able to recognize malicious emails or files. iTecs makes identifying clickers easier by providing an automated system for detecting them. Our managed phish simulation and training package provides more than just testing for weaknesses in your staff’s ability to spot phishes; it gives us insight into the kinds of phishes they're most likely to fall for.

After we've identified the specific skills and knowledge your users need to be successful, we then tailor our training to address these skill and knowledge deficiencies and track their progress over time.

Why companies trust iTecs to test and train their staff


We assign an IT Manager who works with you from start to finish.


The phishing and training campaign is designed for maximum effectiveness by seeing what specific deficiencies your staff has and then tailoring training to address them directly.


You receive updates and we conduct frequent conference calls to keep you in the loop.

itecs helps you create phishing attack simulations that best serve your security and budget

As part of your phishing simulator, the awareness training starts with an in-person or virtual cybersecurity seminar. Some employees need repeated and specific training. We identify those users and work with them one-on-one to ensure the next wave of mock phishing attacks is detected and ignored.

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Simulation and Training

We design and schedule your phishing simulations and awareness training.

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Real-time Updates

You’ll receive real-time and scheduled reports detailing campaign alerts and updates.

Our awareness seminar is recorded and made available to all new hires. Making this part of your onboarding procedure creates an environment resilient to digital threats. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you increase your cybersecurity.

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