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what is mobile device management?

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Mobile Device Management, or MDM, is a management solution that secures mobile endpoints such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Because these devices aren't always on a protected home or office network, they are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. In addition, mobile devices are becoming better able to handle work applications and software, so people often opt to use these rather than log in to a workstation or desktop computer. This creates a problem for IT departments because the users may not be aware of the risks of using devices that aren't connected to a secure network.  

MDM solutions can help protect against malware, spyware, phishing emails, and other threats by locking down the device so it cannot access certain websites or download apps from unknown sources. It also helps prevent unauthorized data loss by backing up important files and settings. In addition, the user experience is improved by allowing them to manage their device remotely without having to connect to a corporate network.

how mobile device management works

Mobile Device Management works through the use of a server configured to handle MDM requests and a local app that is installed on each user's phone. iTecs implements the security policies required by your organization on the server and then pushes these requests to the mobile devices, giving you control over what your employees can access and run. Our MDM Server can configure Microsoft, Android, and Apple Operating Systems, giving you control of the full range of mobile devices on the market today.

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why should you use mobile device management for your business?

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Mobile Device Management is integral for companies today, given that many employees are fully mobile when performing their jobs. For example, drivers use company-provided cell phones and regularly deliver to customers at their office locations. With Mobile Device Management, you can see where those drivers are in real-time. You can deploy your CRM and inventory applications to their devices to make updates as they follow their routes. Additionally, you can lock the phone down so they can only open apps, visit certain websites, and access other assets your organization deems necessary.

Having this level of control is also essential should a hostile actor find a vulnerability - with an MDM solution, you can easily recognize when a device has been compromised and take the appropriate measures to keep your company data safe.  

the importance of mobile device management

The mobile device management industry is multiplying due to the increasing number of smartphones being used across the globe. This adoption has increased during the pandemic, and with the popularity of Working from Home (WFH), using mobile devices for work purposes has become a necessity.  

There are many reasons why businesses should look towards MDM to secure their assets:

  • Protecting corporate data - Many organizations store sensitive information on employees' personal devices. If a device gets lost or stolen, it could expose confidential data to hackers. By deploying MDM software, companies can remotely wipe employee devices and prevent unauthorized access to confidential data.
  • Ensuring compliance - Some regulations require specific security measures to protect customer data. For example, HIPAA requires healthcare providers to implement strict controls to secure patient records. To comply with such requirements, organizations must deploy MDM software to control how employees access and manage medical documents stored on their mobile devices.
  • Preventing loss of productivity - Employees often work outside of regular office hours. When they're away from the office, they might forget to turn on Wi-Fi connections or turn off their phones. With MDM, IT administrators can remotely lock down devices and ensure employees don't accidentally delete important files or send sensitive emails while out of the office.
  • Managing BYOD programs - As more workers bring their own devices into the workplace, there's a greater risk that those devices will contain confidential data. Companies that want to avoid losing intellectual property or violating privacy laws should implement MDM solutions to help keep track of what employees do with their devices.
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itecs has the comprehensive mobile device management solution

As a white-glove cloud service provider, we ensure that you get this solution delivered as a complete turn-key package. We help you enroll, design the policies, push the applications, and manage the devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. iTecs staff will work closely with your managers to create perfectly designed IT policies, rules, and triggers for how your mobile devices behave.

MDM's abilities and use cases are tremendous, while the cost to manage and protect a device is meager. Every organization with company-provided mobile devices should utilize this service. An iTecs Professional is available to help you customize an MDM solution for your business, reach out today!