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We live in an age where a flexible work environment for your employees and clients is just as important as the service you offer. Managing a cohesive infrastructure with a Desktop as a Service system like this can require a lot of IT support, and handling such a task in-house can be expensive for any size business, no matter how large your budget. With the rise of mobile devices and cloud computing, it's becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to maintain this service with a limited IT team. By utilizing a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) you can have many systems running drastically different software on the same hub. The challenge here is that supporting such a system can be a massive and expensive undertaking for your IT department. Delegating your resources is essential; ensuring you are using every employee and service to their maximum potential can sometimes mean finding a third-party vendor you can trust for projects like these.

managed vdi is the key to a fully mobile workforce

Your clients and employees need access to your data instantly to work at their best and common sense says that having an on-site Desktop as a Service server will provide the fastest connection. Hosting a DaaS server in your office can open your data up to many easily avoidable vulnerabilities however, and the speed that you obtain through on-site hosting is often negligible to your users. Additionally, your IT department will spend a lot of their time maintaining, patching and troubleshooting this DaaS server where they could be using their time to optimize your infrastructure and finding ways to better use available technology for your business.

Even if your IT department is prepared for such a project, they may not be versed in all the problems that can arise along the way. Using a third party like iTecs to create and support a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for your company can be a cost effective and agile solution to this issue.

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why choose itecs as your desktop as a service provider?

Desktop as a Service delivers a dedicated virtual Windows or Linux Desktop experience from the cloud straight to the end user. Regardless of how extensive your organization's network is, your end user can access their desktop from any location in the world. You can work confidently using iTecs Desktop as a Service Managed Hosting, knowing that your servers will always be secure, updated, and protected from downtime.

You'll be doing it at a lower cost than having your IT department handle it. Should a problem arise, iTecs white glove support will answer your query instantly and with the professionalism you'll come to expect from our services.

  • We are easy to deploy and start the instant we conclude our introductory call
  • We have award winning support
  • We are inexpensive to maintain and you can cancel with us anytime
  • We are flexible and can scale to the needs of your business as you grow
  • We offer the latest in cybersecurity to protect your data
  • Our clients love us, we know you will too!

cut costs and enhance performance now with vdi

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iTecs' Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution ensures better security and improved access to your clients' resources than traditional desktop solutions, and you can start the switch today. With our end-to-end encryption and always on uptime, we can promise a level of service unavailable anywhere else among other MSPs. No matter how large or small your organization is, you'll see an immediate benefit from our Desktop as a Service Hosting. Contact an iTecs professional today and start seeing savings immediately by reducing the load on your internal IT department.

We have extensive experience working with many companies.

iTecs is a managed IT services and cloud hosting provider, which gives us a unique advantage and provides more value to our customers. We are the offsite IT department for companies in a multitude of sectors; we know how these businesses need to operate and how to leverage cloud services.

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