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As we know, human health is essential, and their data needs to be securely stored with the utmost care. We live in the modern era when leveraging technology to benefit both the patient and clinic is the status quo. IT plays a vital role in providing healthcare products and services.

Beyond a strong IT department, you need up-to-date technology to host your applications, store your patient and accounting data, and to facilitate EHR services. Backup and disaster recovery is a critical component to staying HIPAA compliant and having business IT continuity.

Just like in other firms, cloud computing also plays a significant role in healthcare departments. With the help of cloud computing, healthcare companies and hospitals can store different information about their products and accessories in a central repository. Cloud computing HIPAA compliant healthcare also provides additional information about their products to the customers with the help of stored data on clouds. There are also many specialized machines available that use different cloud software for storing examination data of patients. These software help staffs retrieve the old data from the patient’s cloud database whenever they pay a visit on their next appointment.

Different healthcare companies also use cloud computing systems for data security purposes. Cloud computing healthcare security is also an essential aspect to a healthcare department because a patient’s data, which includes records and other information, is confidential. It should be highly secure so that it isn’t misused by another staff member or anyone unauthorized to view it.

Cloud Computing Healthcare Provider

iTecs Promus provides the healthcare industry with white-glove managed hosting services that are HIPAA compliant and diverse in the various technology services. Every new customer goes through a consultation session so we may better understand your needs and goals. We customize every hosting and cloud services plan to ensure that you get what is best for your healthcare business.

Whether you need a remote location for your staff to work in or backup and disaster recovery services for your medical practice or hospital, Promus has the technology and expertise you need. If you don’t know what you need, but understand enough of the benefits of going to the cloud, give us a call, and we can help you identify how to leverage technology to increase your bottom line.

Your Medical Business Onboarding​ Process Into Our Cloud

Discovery & Plan​

We will analyze your IT infrastructure, business model, the software you use, and data footprint. We get a clear idea of precisely what you need so you don't overspend and so we don't miss anything. ​

Designing & Coordination​

After collecting information about your HIPAA compliant needs, your assigned team of Network Administrators will document  your roadmap and coordinate your migration plan.​


Next, we will provision your packaged services for your private cloud, application, security services, and more.​ We will install your software in your new private cloud environment, and the assigned Network Administrators will test everything.​


On the day of your choosing, we will perform a final copy of all your data and go live with your new services. The iTecs Promus Network Administrators will be available for you and your staff to ensure a smooth transition. ​

Training & Support​

The assigned Network Administrators will train your employees on how to navigate the new IT landscape easily. You and your staff will work with the same appointed cloud experts with training and ongoing support.​

Included with your Medical Computing Services:

Truck representing complete onboarding iTecs IT Outsourcing and Support

Complete Onboarding

We handle everything from the design to the integration of your new virtual private cloud.

Any application icon iTecs IT Outsourcing and Support

Any Application

Dropbox, Adobe, Quickbooks, SAGE, Dynamics, Salesforce, any app you need we can install.

Windows apps iTecs IT Outsourcing and Support

Managed Backups

We backup everything and keep several days worth of retention. Your cloud is 100% protected.​

Virtual Desktops icon iTecs IT Outsourcing and Support

Windows Desktop

Seamless and secure remote access into your work computer from any device, anywhere.​

Microsoft Office iTecs IT Outsourcing and Support

Microsoft Office​

Get the latest version of Microsoft Office Suite for your entire company without paying for licenses.​

iTecs CyberSecurity Shield ICON

Enterprise Security​

Our proven and hardened security technology and protocols will keep your data private and safe.​

Server icon iTecs IT Outsourcing and Support

Tons of Storage​

Store and access all your files, pictures, and misc. data in your secure private container.​

Cloud hosting iTecs IT Outsourcing and Support

Dedicated Cloud

Your data, applications, and servers are dedicated and completely isolated from other iTecs clients.

White-glove support icon iTecs IT Outsourcing and Support

White-Glove Support​

Promus is customer-eccentric with highly competent and courteous professionals available 24/7.​

Commonly Asked Questions

can we move our existing applications and data into itecs cloud?

From where ever your apps currently are, we will help ensure your existing tools and data are securely transferred.

IF I ALREADY own the software, does it lower my monthly fee?

We do provide our, already super low hosting fees, at an even LOWER price point.

what benefits do i get for moving organization into your cloud?

Our cloud is very secure, redundant, and meets the high standard of compliances such as HIPAA and PCI. Our cloud also includes backups and our white-glove IT support.

do i retain ownership of my data, even if I don't pay my bills?

We would really appreciate if you pay your bills, but yes, your data is your data forever and always.

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