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Terminal Server Hosting

Hosting managed virtual and physical Terminal Servers (RDS) since 2002


The Terminal Server is a dedicated platform hosted within our data center that delivers a centralized solution for users to work within. Remote access to your Terminal Server is possible with every type of computer and mobile device.

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With this solution, you won't need to worry about data loss or security issues when hardware is lost or destroyed as your data is secure within our server. Having everything centralized means that you don’t need to have a web of backup solutions or IT policies forcing your users to save essential data on hardware that could fail when you least expect it. With our no control panel approach, we handle everything for you from the design of your services, implementation, migration, and support - and we can offer this white glove service all for less than what AWS, Azure, and IBM charge.


Through the use of the Remote Desktop Connection program, you can access your virtual desktop without having to establish a VPN connection. The remote connection is encrypted and within compliance standards for SSAE 16 (SOC 2), HIPAA, ISO, and more ensuring your security no matter what industry you work within from publicly traded companies to medical institutions. For users who travel outside of the United States, we do require they make a VPN connection into our data center first.

The Remote Desktop Connection program supports an unlimited numbers of monitors; the software can be configured to span across all screens or just one. Within the Terminal Server and your dedicated virtual network, we can connect our data center to your office with a secure site-to-site VPN, which will allow your Terminal Server to access your office resources. These resources include printers, file servers, and other network-attached assets. If you have a scanner attached to your local computer, we can provide TSSCAN licenses, which allow you to scan from the Terminal Server to that device.

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As a managed services provider, we design your Terminal Server to function the way you need with the tools and technologies your business requires. There are no limitations to the software we load on your Remote Desktop Server. If you already have a File Server as part of your office infrastructure, we can work with that as well. We will build a secure site-to-site tunnel from our data center to your corporate office network to enable secure, encrypted connections to your on-premise digital assets. We manage the patches, updates, maintenance, and administration of your server, for a fraction of what an unmanaged Terminal Server from AWS would cost you.

Like all of our other iTecs Services, we customize our Terminal Server for your needs so you're not paying for any additional services you won't use. There are no limitations to the software we can load on your Remote Desktop Server; you're limited only by the requirements of your business - the way it should be.

Benefits of iTecs Managed Terminal Server Hosting Services

  • Central point where users can remote in anytime from anywhere on any device

  • Protected by our data center backup and disaster recovery

  • Secure with our state-of-the-art Intrusion Detection and Prevention technology

  • Updates, maintenance, and support by the iTecs teams

  • Meets and exceeds all compliant and highly regulatory requirements

  • Redundant power supply with dual industry power supply units

We install the software your staff needs and help them configure it

Your Terminal Server is loaded with the software your team needs. We help them with any configurations and setup. From Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Sage, and proprietary applications, your Remote Desktop Server will provide the productivity tools your company requires.

Typical New Client Onboarding Process

Our data centers and delivery of services are SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant. With optional security enhancements like multifactor authentication and VPN, we can design your Terminal Server and cloud to meet any requirements.

We are leaders in hosting Windows Terminal Servers with facilities in Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York.

Our group has worked with virtual technologies within data centers and company server rooms since iTecs’ inception; we’re certified experts with decades of combined experience. We provide businesses tailored onsite and cloud solutions that fit their budget and IT needs.

Visit our contact us page to speak with an iTecs IT Manager to learn how we can help you take advantage of virtual environments.

iTecs Managed Cloud Hosting for Industries

iTecs MSP provides managed Terminal Servers with Remote Desktop Servers from our data center in Dallas. The systems we host for our clients are replicated to the East and West Coasts for GEO redundancy. We provide patch management, maintenance, security, and monitoring: a complete turn-key solution.

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