Managed Check Point Harmony Security Suite

Check Point Harmony as a Managed Service for Companies who want the best level of Security

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The partnership between Check Point and iTecs aims to provide businesses of all sizes with access to Check Point's advanced security technologies as a managed service. iTecs believes that the security solutions provided by Check Point are among the best in the industry, offering their clients protection against sophisticated cyber threats. Furthermore, by providing these services as a managed service, iTecs is helping its clients focus on core business processes while relying on trusted experts for their cybersecurity needs. This is an essential step towards delivering innovative technology solutions and aiding clients in navigating an ever-changing technological landscape.

Harmony Unifies Six Cloud-based Security Products to Provide End-to-End Protection for the Remote Workforce.

Regardless of the source, destination or method of your connection, your home devices, personal information and organizational data will remain secure from any cyber threats.

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Two years into the pandemic, remote working is still widespread worldwide. Unfortunately, this has expanded user access to corporate applications through mobile phones and laptops, thus broadening your attack surface. To ensure effective security for remote users, Check Point Harmony offers a managed security service through iTecs that provides the highest level of protection in a single solution.

Check Point Harmony as a Managed Service

Harmony offers comprehensive protection from all cyber threats across all attack vectors, ranging from phishing attempts to malicious email attachments and zero-day ransomware. Our revolutionary AI engines are coupled with the industry’s largest threat intelligence network, enabling us to detect and prevent attacks before they occur.

Check Point Harmony combines the power of six security products to bring comprehensive protection and ease of use to all users. It safeguards all devices and Internet connections, safeguarding against even the most sophisticated threats and allowing zero-trust access to enterprise applications.

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the Check Point Harmony Product Suite

Harmony Endpoint – Complete Endpoint Protection

This security solution provides complete endpoint protection for PCs and laptops against today's complex threat landscape, including ransomware, phishing and malware. With the fastest potential recovery time, it can quickly reduce breach impact and autonomous detection and response capabilities.

Harmony Browse – Secure Internet Browsing

Secure, fast and private internet browsing experience is enabled with the first in-browser protection in the industry to inspect 100% of SSL traffic. This protection helps prevent malware downloads, phishing attacks and corporate credential reuse as well as blocks access to websites which do not comply with company policies.

Harmony Email & Collaboration – Secure user mailboxes and productivity apps

Our comprehensive protection solution provides reliable security for Office 365 and G Suite, blocking sophisticated phishing attacks and malicious attachments while simultaneously providing safe versions of files in seconds. Data leakage prevention (DLP) also ensures that any sensitive business information remains secure.

Harmony Connect - Securely Connect Users to Anywhere

Harmony Connect is revolutionizing Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) by making it easy to connect any user and branch to their required resources securely and swiftly, no matter their location. It is powered by 11 cloud-delivered security services and offers clientless access, enabling employees and contractors to reach corporate applications such as web apps, databases, remote desktops, and SSH remote terminals from any browser with an easy SaaS-like interface. Additionally, it provides client-based access utilizing a VPN agent for full network-layer access to corporate networks and applications.

Harmony Mobile – Mobile Threat Defense

Ensure data security on employees' mobile devices with comprehensive protection across applications, networks, OSs, and device vulnerabilities. Harmony Mobile provides a simple and user-friendly management experience whilst enabling an efficient deployment and scaling process. Furthermore, our solution protects devices without compromising privacy or user experience.

Prevention-focused Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

iTecs Check Point SASE

Harmony Connect – Check Point’s SASE Solution

Industry-leading network security as a cloud service

We’ve taken the same technology trusted for 30 years by national banks and government ministries and made it easy to deploy with iTecs Managed SASE.

NSS Labs acknowledges Harmony Endpoint for offering comprehensive endpoint protection

Harmony Endpoint* achieved an AA rating in the 2020 NSS Labs AEP market test, demonstrating its ability to meet customer commitments. The results indicate Harmony Endpoint* is a comprehensive and effective endpoint protection solution, offering impressive overall security against a wide array of threats, with a large majority of attacks blocked prior to infection.