Cybersecurity Training Seminars for Dallas business employees; mitigate intrusions and online fraud.

We offer our existing IT Outsourcing MSP clients free cybersecurity employee training seminars and can come to your company to teach the same essentials skills of avoiding online threats.  iTecs has been in the IT sector since 2002 and has seen a tremendous increase in online fraud, phishing, and other business debilitating cyber threats. Our advanced security and monitoring solutions can prevent most of the online threats businesses face daily. However, we believe that a skilled employee at detecting these threats is the best defense.

We provide short demonstrations, at your office, at ours, or online, that are aimed at teaching the owners, c-level executives, managers, and employees how to avoid clicking on malicious links, detect phishing attacks and prevent online fraud.

Our Cybersecurity awareness seminars teach your Dallas employees how to avoid online fraud, phishing attacks, and ransomware.

We’ve provided cybersecurity training seminars to companies of all sizes. If you don’t have a room large enough to accommodate, we’re happy to host it in our executive business conference, which can hold over 40 people.

Cybersecurity training

Eye-opening statistics

Half of all cyberattacks target small businesses

As per Cybint, almost 60% of companies have experienced cyber attacks such as DDoS attacks, phishing, and social engineering attacks. According to Juniper research, small businesses make up to 13% of the entire cybercrime market, yet surprisingly small businesses invest less than $500 in cybersecurity.

Estimated $6 trillion in damages by 2021

Only 10% of cybercrimes are reported in the U.S each year

Ransomware attack every 14 seconds

Network Security Cybersecurity Training

Greatest data breaches in history


Adult FriendFinder
Under Armor
Heartland Payment Systems
TJX 94 million
AOL 92 million
Sony PlayStation Network
JP Morgan Chase
Home Depot


3 billion
500 million
500 million
412 million
360 million
150 million
145.5 million
145 million
110 million
100+ million
100 million
98 million
94 million
92 million
92 million
77 million
83 million
65 million
57 million
53 million
50 million

Date of Hack

Aug 2013
Oct 2016
Feb 2018
Jul 2017
May 2014
Nov 2013
May 2008
Jun 2012
Feb 2012
Oct 2017
Apr 2011
Jul 2014
Feb 2013
Late 2016
Apr 2014
Jul 2017

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