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Anti-Spam Email Security for Dallas Businesses: Office 365 & Google Workspace

Protecting companies’ email systems since 2002
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Email security for Office 365, Google Workspace, and Exchange for your Dallas business

iTecs SpamTitan blocks spam, malware, malicious code, phishing attacks, ransomware, and other email threats. As a white-glove, managed IT service, iTecs SpamTitan anti-spam email security platform is a proven product to protect your organization as a hosted solution.

Bring control to your users with a daily quarantine report that provides actionable links for users to deliver, delete, and whitelist messages held in the SpamTitan server.

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Every organization depends on email to communicate with its staff, partners, vendors, and customers. With the ease of mass emailing, companies can reach hundreds of millions of email addresses with a single click. The ability of hackers to discover a company’s vulnerabilities and access the public’s information in spear-phishing attacks means businesses need to protect themselves now.

Email represents 90% of most data breaches and ransomware attacks. Office 365 and G Suite (Google Workspace) offer limited protection against these threats, and they are also at a disadvantage because the hackers know the majority of their victims are behind the two largest email hosting providers; they tailor their attacks to bypass Google and Microsoft’s security layers.

Features of iTecs SpamTitan Email Security

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Email Protection

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Proven Spam Blocker

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5 Star Security Solution

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Affordable Monthly Billing

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Easy to Manage Email Security

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Double Anti Virus Protection

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Industry Leading Support Team

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Whitelisting, Blacklisting & Greylisting

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Office 360 Additional Protection Layer

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Protection from Zero Day Attacks

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Data Leak Prevention

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Advanced Phishing Protection

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Dedicated RBLs

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Email Content Filtering

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Security Against Infected

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Advanced Threat

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Spam Quarantine Reports

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Customizable Policies

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Outbound Email Scanning

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iTecs SpamTitan is a hosted, white-glove, email security solution.

We take care of everything, from setting up your DNS records to fine-tuning the security features and administration access. Your staff can opt to have access to the system to view quarantined emails, whitelist, blacklist, and change the level of sensitivity.

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Anti-spam and email security solutions for your Dallas business with iTecs SpamTitan

Implementing the service is seamless for your users; besides the daily quarantine report and mitigation of spam email, your users don’t have to do anything to obtain the protection our service provides. Your business email is routed to our data center to be filtered for spam, viruses, phishing links, and other malicious code, all within a fraction of a second. Once the email passes our various filters, it’s delivered to your email server and your inbox. When an email fails to pass our security filters, it is quarantined and held in our server until you release it or ignore it, in which case it will be automatically deleted after 21 days.

Please give us a call or complete the Contact Us form to get a quote on our affordable email security solution with iTecs SpamTitan.