Mock Phishing Simulation Training and Awarness

Mock phishing tests and training for employees

Phishing, spear phishing, and social engineering attacks occur daily. They're happening now, aimed at your staff. Not knowing who in your company doesn't have the fundamental awareness of detecting malicious emails should be a concern placed near the top of your to-do list.

Clickers are the users who are prone to opening malicious links or  attachments with potential viruses. iTecs makes it easy to identify the "clickers" in your organization, and we will work with those users, provide practical training, and continue random tests.

Our managed phishing simulation and training package is more than just testing for weakness in your staff's ability to spot phishing attacks. The program allows us to gather data metrics on the kinds of phishing attacks your team is prone to fall victim to. We then tailor training to address proficiency gaps and weaknesses and monitor the impact your security awareness training program has on improving your user's knowledge and sentiment to security awareness over time.

Why companies trust iTecs to test and train their staff


We assign an IT Manager who works with you from start to finish.


The phishing and training campaign is designed for maximum effectiveness.


Receive updates and conduct frequent conference calls to stay in the loop.

Our team of managed cybersecurity experts will work with you on formulating the right phishing attack simulations that best serve your security and budgetary needs.

We schedule your mock phishing simulation and cybersecurity training

Simulation and Training

We design and schedule your phishing simulations and awareness training

You get real-time and schedule reports on the phishing and training campaigns

Real-time Updates

Receive real-time and schedule reports detailing campaign alerts and updates

We make it easy to test employee security awareness via phishing simulators at a cost point that makes sense, and we're committed to providing white-glove and customer-centric services to our clients.

As part of your phishing simulator, the awareness training starts with an in-person or virtual cybersecurity seminar.

Some employees need repeating and specific training. We identify who those users are and work with them one-on-one to ensure the next wave of mock phishing attacks are detected and ignored.

Increasing your company's ability to identify digital threats starts with phishing attack testing and awareness training

Our awareness seminar is recorded and made available to all new hires. Making this part of your onboarding procedures creates an environment resilient to digital threats. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you increase your cybersecurity.

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