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Amazon's Web Services are a robust series of platforms that put the responsibilities of design, maintenance, and security in the customer's hands. However, suppose you are not well versed with Amazon's suite of services. In that case, you can end up overpaying for assets or services you don't need, or your organization could develop environments susceptible to exploitation.  

Jumping directly into AWS can be dangerous. Currently, there are 11 certifications available for AWS, made up of six core certifications and five specialty certifications. To understand everything that Amazon Web Service (AWS) can offer your business, you'd first have to be familiar with what each certification entails and likely have an in-house IT professional obtain them so that they could help you rapidly deploy AWS resources.

Instead of spending the time, effort, and money required to provide the services internally, iTecs can help your business by bringing their expertise into your company and filling the gap.  

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itecs experts can design, manage and support your aws environment

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iTecs Professionals are empowered to create new AWS builds or manage existing infrastructures. Our capable team will identify what assets are needed for your company, create a design and configuration blueprint, and implement the plan. We will also harden your AWS environment by implementing the best practices for security policies and performing regular software upgrades and maintenance. With the power of iTecs at your disposal, you can utilize AWS like a pro with the confidence that you're getting the maximum return on your technology spend. Call an iTecs Team Member today to discuss the scope of your project and see how easy it is to succeed when we work together.

itecs is your expert in the amazon web services cloud

At iTecs, every business relationship, regardless of nature and size, is treated with a white-glove customer-centric approach. Our iTecs AWS team will help you ensure that requests for design change, on-premise service provisioning, database migration, or any other requirement will be handled with competence and meticulous care.  

An iTecs Professional is always available to help you discover how our services can help you maximize your ROI with your AWS infrastructure – start now by contacting us below: