Managed Cloud Hosting Services to remove the trepidation

iTecs Promus managed, public, and dedicated managed cloud hosting services provide companies with an opportunity to reduce their IT expenses, liabilities and increase their cybersecurity. Promus data centers are hardened facilities with have multiple power supply units (PSU) that can generate power for hours after the grid goes offline. The data center also employs state-of-the-art backup and monitoring technologies to ensure your data is always protected.

Our hosting services include on-boarding, white-glove support, monitoring, security, and consulting services.  Furthermore, iTecs Promus data centers and cloud hosting services meet the requirements of compliant and highly regulated industries such as PCI, HIPAA, and SOC 2 Type2. Our elaborate menu included and à la carte services for your cloud computing needs for less than what you would pay at Amazon's AWS, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud.

Why choose iTecs Promus as your managed cloud hosting services provider?

Considering that there is a large pool of cloud hosting providers globally, iTecs had to think outside the box to stand out and be recognized as the primary choice for customers. To stand out means we not only had to reduce our costs but also include services that other cloud vendors charged extra.

Enter iTecs approach to delivering exceptional cloud computing with the no control panel, managed cloud hosting services that include on-boarding, monitoring, and security.

What does managed cloud hosting services mean?

iTecs helps you understand all your options to leverage cloud hosting services to increase your bottom line and lower your IT expenses. Once we’ve helped you identify what technologies and services are best suited for your company, we implement, managed, update, and support that infrastructure.

Typical New Client Onboarding Process


Conduct a consultation call to understand your IT goals and needs


Design a cloud environment and provide a detailed proposal


Provision your cloud assets and prepare for data migration


Securely migrate applications and data into your cloud

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