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iTecs Managed Cloud Hosting Services Secure Your Data So You Can Focus On Your Business

iTecs managed and dedicated cloud hosting services provide companies with an opportunity to reduce their IT expenses and liabilities while increasing their cybersecurity. iTecs data centers are hardened facilities with multiple power supply units (PSU) that can generate power for hours after the grid goes offline. The data center also employs state-of-the-art backup and monitoring technologies to ensure your data is always protected.

Our hosting services include on-boarding, white-glove support, monitoring, security, and consulting services at no additional cost. Furthermore, iTecs data centers and cloud hosting services meet the requirements of compliance standards such as PCI, HIPAA, and SOC 2 Type2. We offer our clients an extensive menu of à la carte options for their cloud solutions, which are priced significantly lower than what they'd be paying at AWS, Azure, or IBM Cloud.

why do smbs choose itecs as their managed cloud hosting services provider?

To stand out from the many competitors that offer cloud hosting, we knew we needed to provide something that no other company could. We noticed that our competitors offered a lot of services that not every client needed and they left you to fend for yourself among a complex suite of ever-changing technology. By offering white glove support as a standard and customizing every service we offer, we are now recognized as the primary choice for customers. We chose to reduce our costs and include services for which other cloud vendors charged extra fees.

Our approach to delivering exceptional cloud computing is simple and can be done without a complex control panel, and our managed cloud hosting services include on-boarding, monitoring, and security at no additional charge.

iTecs helps you understand all your options to leverage cloud hosting services to increase your bottom line and lower your IT expenses. Once we’ve helped you identify which technologies and services are best suited for your company, we implement, manage, update, and support that infrastructure. We answer every question, every time - and we reply to your service calls with a speed unmatched by our competitors.

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iTecs Managed Cloud Hosting Solutions

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