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your platform, hosted within the cloud

Platform as a Service and Software as a Service solutions provide access to programs and databases securely hosted within the cloud. In addition, your users can access your software through a site-to-site VPN tunnel protecting your data from any third party trying to access it.

At iTecs, we provide our white-glove approach to Application Hosting and Software as a Service by assisting you with data migration, answering any questions your team may have, and giving you comprehensive support throughout every step of the process.

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itecs is your secure platform hosting solution

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The security of your data is important; your business relies on this information to differentiate it from your competition. To prevent security leaks, data loss from faulty hardware, or unauthorized access from former employees or hostile competitors, you must take steps to secure your information using the best methodologies available. Cloud Hosting has proven its strength as the most secure way to protect your data by keeping it in a place that is off-site and inaccessible to anyone wishing to compromise it. It is stored redundantly at several sites that are all further protected by power backups, so not even grid failure will slow the speed of your business.

By utilizing iTecs Hosting solutions, you are ensuring your data is being guarded by the best in the industry. Since 2002, we haven't had a lapse in service or security, and we have provided the maximum support to our clients. When you leave your infrastructure to us, you save money on in-house hardware and software maintenance, and free up those resources to be used for what matters most in your business.

why choose itecs for paas

iTecs is the leading Application Hosting provider in the nation, with a vast network and a panel of qualified professionals. Our application solutions provide comprehensive coverage for your business needs. We provide reliable user experiences for our clients so they don't need to worry about their systems' formats changing overnight without explanation. Our support is always available to help you understand any potential needed changes. We help companies manage their software on the web while dramatically reducing their risk exposure. Furthermore, our networks are backed by additional security at the deepest layers of their operating system. We also offer a professional content distribution service that provides an instant accessibility to our clients' data. Hosting with us will still provide you with the speed you expect from having an on-site server. If you'd like to elevate the quality of your company, contact us to learn how we can assist you.

We offer complete onboarding and handle all data migration at no additional cost. Our staff will be available to answer any questions and assist throughout the process.

We are responsible for all updates, patching and scheduled maintenance needed for your application foundation. You never need to worry about missing an update integral to your applications security or function.  

We monitor your application system and information 24/7 - with our redundant systems and hardened network, you will never experience downtime and will have access to caring support that is available when and where you need it.

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We have extensive experience working with many companies.

iTecs is a managed IT services and cloud hosting provider, which gives us a unique advantage and provides more value to our customers. We are the offsite IT department for companies in a multitude of sectors; we know how these businesses need to operate and how to leverage cloud services.

Industries we frequently work with: