Dallas Network Monitoring Services

Our network monitoring system scans for failures or irregularities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We also provide optional rapid support or notify you only service level agreements.

Network monitoring is one of our managed IT services that offers combined network, server, device and application layer monitoring with traffic analysis functionalities. As a bonus to this option, we will include monitoring of your company website.  We can also provide 24×7 rapid support in the event of an alarm, and have the issue resolved for it impacts your business operations.

What happens when an alarm is produced?

  1. Client device produces an alarm and immediately alerts monitoring server.
  2. A ticket is created and transmitted to the assigned network administrator(s).
  3. Within minutes the ticket is reviewed and investigated.
  4. The source and severity of the alarm are determined, and necessary steps taken to resolve the issue.*

*SLA procedures are followed closely if the customer has requested custom steps to be taken during alerts/ticketing and support services.

Network monitoring highlighted features

Rapid Response

In the event of an alarm, we follow strict protocols established in the SLA.  Depending on the rules outlined in the SLA, we can: immediately begin troubleshooting the issue remotely, dispatch an engineer on-site if deemed necessary and notify personnel in your company.

Event Log Checks

We analyze the server(s) event log, which reports all errors generated by applications, security audits, and fatal operating system messages.  A detailed analysis of these records will provide hints of possible future server failures.

Hardware Management

Keeping a detailed log of available memory and hard drive space is crucial.  We monitor the usage of your system resources and will notify you when a new hard drive or memory upgrade is needed.

Virus Scan Management

We monitor scheduled virus scans on the server/devices and verify that the DAT files are always up-to-date to ensure proper and efficient scanning.

Security Management

We will monitor your server uses to identify unauthorized users and inform you about threats to the server/network integrity – whether they are initiated inside or outside your organization.

Backup Monitoring

We will oversee your backup software and ensure that each scheduled backup job completes successfully.  Our system works with brand name packages such as ARCserve/ARCserverIT, Symantec Backup Exec and can diagnose problems easily and efficiently.

Processor Management

We take a nightly or weekly snap shot of all processes and threads that are running on the server.  This provides us with a detailed log of what software is currently running, alerting us of any back door software that may enable remote users unauthorized access.

Layer one (L1) monitoring is a ping and reply communication process to ensure the monitored device is reachable and active on your network.  This layer of monitoring is excellent for routers and connectivity devices; there is no collection of basic statistics (cpu/memory/HD usage etc) and used generally as a “are you there” tool.

Layer two (L2) monitoring provides basic statistical information on the monitored device such as: CPU/Memory/Hard drives and network usage.

Layer three (L3) monitoring provides in-depth application layer statistics.  This includes detailed monitoring of Exchange, SQL, Active Directory, proprietary software and much more.  This package also includes statistics pulled by L2 data on the hardware that hosts the monitored application.

Rapid support service level agreements are set in place so that in the event of an alarm, iTecs support staff has 20 minutes to acknowledge and begin investigating the issue.  This includes providing immediate remote support and if necessary, have a technician dispatched on-site.  Time spent providing support is billed separately by either deducting points from a retainer contract or through our hourly program.

Notify only means that in the event of an alarm, notifications are sent to designated parties with no support escalations performed by iTecs staff.  This configuration allows you and whomever within your organize you choose to be immediately notified when an alarm is generated. iTecs will not respond or provide support unless requested.

Prices below are per device per month, for a complete list of covered devices please contact us.

Dallas Network Monitoring ServicesDallas Network Monitoring Services

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