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iTecs in the News
iTecs in the News
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October 2022 iTecs GOAT AWARD

October 7, 2022

Another month, another GOAT. While all of our employees are special gems and truly excellent in their own way the harsh fact is that only one can be the best every month. Only one can devastate all before them in an all-consuming heatwave of superior performance. ONLY ONE among them CAN SMASH hostile packets before they get a SNOWBALLS CHANCE IN A TEXAS HEATWAVE to snake into your delicate network. It also goes without saying that this powerhouse of a technician is no mere mortal and deserves the trappings that come with being the GOAT, such as the private parking spot, cash bonus, and let's not forget our Golden GOATie award that will sit upon the desk of the chosen.

This October, the GOAT goes to our Austin 'THE HUMAN FIREWALL' Morris, who has shown us all what it means to be a true professional by tackling an absurd amount of client tickets, solving record numbers of issues, and cooking exceptionally smoky and delicious meats. In addition to his impressive record, he has been kind enough to share some tips on how you too can become GOATlike.

1) Always keep your firewall up to date. If you don't have automatic updates enabled for your firewall software, you should look in the mirror and ask yourself why you get up in the morning. What are you doing. Step one, GIVE A CRAP. Step two, 

2) Always keep your firewall up to date. Oh is that the same as the last one? Good, you're reading and recalling this information, don't forget it. Keep your firewall up to date. Yes, it can be a pain. That's why iTecs will do it for you. We'll put Austin 'THE HUMAN FIREWALL' Morris on your security, so you don't have any breaches. He eats breaches for breakfast in his britches, don't you forget it.

3) You tell me so I don't have to tell you. That's right. Your firewall better be secure buddy, or we'll send down The Greatest Of All Time to humiliate your corporate security in a no holds barred cage match for one night only, this Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.

We pride ourselves on offering our clients an exceptional level of service. Our GOATS are forged in fire (or hot server rooms, whatever is more readily available) to ensure the highest level of technical competence. We absolutely do not let them out of the server room until they can troubleshoot their way out of it. RIP to the iTecs interns who didn't make the cut this month and charred themselves out in the War Room (which Austin organized this month). You will be remembered, sweet delicate interns. If your business needs help with its technology infrastructure, contact us for a free consultation. Your competition will be sorry you did.


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