graphic with itecs and check point logos announcing new program


iTecs in the News
iTecs in the News
graphic with itecs and check point logos announcing new program

Check Point MSSP

October 27, 2022

iTecs has entered into a partnership with Check Point, a leading provider of cyber security solutions globally. iTecs is now part of Check Point's Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) program, a global initiative aimed at expanding the reach of Check Point's advanced security solutions. iTecs' membership in the program allows it to provide Check Point's industry-leading security solutions as part of its security offerings, further expanding the company's footprint in the cybersecurity market.

The Check Point MSSP Program provides iTecs with additional resources, easing many of the administrative burdens associated with fielding multiple security alerts and attack vectors. With the help of Check Point, iTecs now has access to a globally active Security Operations Center (SOC) that expands the scope of our cybersecurity posture. 

iTecs is a managed service provider (MSP) and technology consulting firm that helps businesses manage their IT infrastructure and applications. The company strongly focuses on security and compliance and offers a range of services, including managed security, cloud services, and professional services. iTecs has a global presence, with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, and India.

iTecs is a great addition to the Check Point MSSP program. iTecs' expertise in security and compliance, as well as its global presence, will be valuable to the program and to our customers.

Under the program, iTecs will also be able to leverage Check Point's Incident Response services. This will allow our organization to be even more agile when responding to active threats, which makes all the difference when a breach occurs. Cyber threats are evolving at a rapid pace, and the Check Point MSSP Program allows us to stay ahead of the curve.

In addition, iTecs will be able to leverage Check Point's advanced threat intelligence capabilities. This means that our organization will have access to the latest information on emerging threats, allowing us to protect our customers from potential attacks proactively. 

Overall, the Check Point MSSP Program is an excellent opportunity for iTecs to expand our security posture and better protect our customers. We are excited to be part of this program and look forward to the benefits it will bring.

With the help of iTecs’ certified engineers and partnerships with vendors like Check Point, customers can rest assured that their networks are secure and compliant.

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