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CPA firms and have discovered that the power of cloud hosting and computing services has evolved into an almost necessary aspect of technology that successful accounting organizations utilize. The advantages of having a feature-rich set of tools readily available for your staff to access from any device that is fast, reliable, and secure, is paramount for success.

Providing a bundle of services and assets for a firm's staff to use and to have the ability to moderate their access and protect your company's intellectual property can be an expensive endeavor. iTecs Promus accounting cloud hosting services is more than a tool for users to work from home and abroad; it's a valuable asset that provides a centralized platform for apps, data, and IT policies.

With centralization, the advantages gained are tremendous and entail lowering your IT costs, increasing data security, more efficient backup and disaster recovery, and gives the ability to shape your IT policies and monitor your employee's activity. Your IT costs are dramatically lowered with the fact that you no longer need to procure mid to high-grade laptops and desktops so your staff can work without slow response speeds. Since the local computer (mobile, laptops, or computer) is a gateway to remote into the server, all computing processing and storage demands are conducted on the server level.

Cloud Hosting For Accounting Firms and Departments

The Accounting department of a company is one of the central departments that need to be secure and fast, along with having minimal downtime so that the company can make financial decisions accordingly. iTecs Promus has worked as a Cloud Services Hosting Provider for Accounting Firms since 2002. It has provided them with the infrastructure for their accounting applications and infrastructure by providing redundant servers with high speed, and zero downtime hosted services.

We managed the updates of your accounting software and monitor it's health to prevent errors and to secure data from hackers and their different types of malicious attacks. iTecs Promus is a premium Accounting Firm Cloud Hosting provider for businesses and is always on top to satisfy its clients with excellent quality services that boost their business growth. All the services are managed by a highly motivated and technically sound team with a strong vision to provide top-notch solutions to the clients for tremendous business growth.

Included with in your Accounting Computing Services:

Truck representing complete onboarding iTecs IT Outsourcing and Support

Complete Onboarding

We handle everything from the design to the integration of your new virtual private cloud.

Any application icon iTecs IT Outsourcing and Support

Any Application

Dropbox, Adobe, Quickbooks, SAGE, Dynamics, Salesforce, any app you need we can install.

Windows apps iTecs IT Outsourcing and Support

Managed Backups

We backup everything and keep several days worth of retention. Your cloud is 100% protected.​

Virtual Desktops icon iTecs IT Outsourcing and Support

Virtual Desktops​

Seamless and secure remote access into your work computer from any device, anywhere.​

Microsoft Office iTecs IT Outsourcing and Support

Microsoft Office​

Get the latest version of Microsoft Office Suite for your entire company without paying for licenses.​

iTecs CyberSecurity Shield ICON

Enterprise Security​

Our proven and hardened security technology and protocols will keep your data private and safe.​

Server icon iTecs IT Outsourcing and Support

Tons of Storage​

Store and access all your files, pictures, and misc. data in your secure private container.​

Cloud hosting iTecs IT Outsourcing and Support

100% Uptime​

We ensure your Terminal Server is online and ready for connections with our redundant data centers​

White-glove support icon iTecs IT Outsourcing and Support

White-Glove Support​

Promus is customer-eccentric with highly competent and courteous professionals available 24/7.​

Commonly Asked Questions

can we move our existing applications and data into itecs cloud?

From where ever your apps currently are, we will help ensure your existing tools and data are securely transferred.

IF I ALREADY own accounting software, does it lower my monthly fee?

We do provide our, already super low hosting fees, at an even LOWER price point.

what benefits do i get for moving my cpa software into your cloud?

Our cloud is very secure, redundant, and meets the high standard of compliances such as HIPAA and PCI. Our cloud also includes backups and our white-glove IT support.

do i retain ownership of my data, even if I don't pay my bills?

We would really appreciate if you pay your bills, but yes, your data is your data forever and always.

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