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The Importance of IT Support

December 21, 2022

In almost every industry, people worldwide use technology to help them create, store and manage data. As technology becomes more complex, the need for IT support increases. IT support is essential to ensure that businesses can operate efficiently and securely.

Many of us with a robust IT department take their help for granted. Need a new mouse? Essential program freezing up? Just make the call and an experienced tech will get you fixed up. If you work in an environment with an overworked or non-existent IT department, your requests may be delayed or fall on deaf ears. Worst case, you may need to find a new mouse or troubleshoot your computer on your own. You may or may not be able to fix your problem, but what is certain is that the company is losing money when you have to solve these issues outside of your assigned duties.

IT support helps businesses stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and security measures. It also ensures that any technical issues are quickly identified and resolved before they cause significant disruptions to operations. Additionally, IT support can help businesses save money by preventing costly downtime and data loss. Finally, IT support can help companies comply with industry regulations and standards.

IT support is one of those vital organs of an organization that is often overlooked. Yet, it is the backbone of any successful business, providing the necessary tools and resources to ensure that employees can do their jobs efficiently and securely. IT support helps protect data from malicious attacks, keeps systems running smoothly, and provides the necessary training for employees to use technology effectively.

In addition to providing technical assistance, IT support also offers advice on how to best utilize technology to maximize efficiency. For example, suppose your IT department primarily focuses on replacing equipment and provisioning new users. In that case, it's unlikely they'll have the time to focus on larger systemic issues that can occur from poor tech organization. When these systemic issues arise, pinpointing the problem will be difficult. You will only see the results rather than the causes. By the time you've recognized that there's a problem that needs to be addressed, it will be too large for your IT team to solve it effectively - after all, if they didn't have the time to solve the problem when it was small, how could they have time to solve it once the issue has grown out of control?

Having a dedicated third-party IT department like iTecs can solve these issues. Our team can focus on building a better infrastructure while your internal IT can focus on their daily work. Conversely, we can handle the day-to-day while your internal team makes the infrastructure they want; the choice is yours. Hiring iTecs is more cost-effective than expanding your IT team, and it comes with the benefit of our varied experience. For over twenty years, we've been helping large and small companies expand their operations and bring in more business.

IT support is perhaps one of our less sexy services. It doesn't have the glitz and danger of cybersecurity, and it isn't cutting-edge and exciting like cloud technology. However, it's the bread and butter of all that we do; by supporting your technology, we're supporting you. So if you're still up at the office this holiday season, be sure to thank your IT personnel for watching your back. If you want to return the favor and watch their back, give us a call. You'll both be glad you did.

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