October 1, 2020

How can RMM tools help your company?

A Remote Monitoring and Management tool proves invaluable in today's fast-paced IT world. An RMM usually provides IT staff the ability to remotely monitor and maintain systems quickly and effectively; gone are the days of applying application and windows updates manually on a per-computer basis. RMM software allows Network and System administrators to manage multiple devices from a single location; this includes installing software, updates, and detection of new tools. This provides business large or small to focus on the operations, while IT experts monitor their systems remotely. RMM offers benefits in the following areas:


1)     Early Detection


Early detection allows IT experts the ability to solve endpoint problems before they affect users. This happens by a robust system of alerts designed to notify IT that a problem occurs, often before end users notice the problem. This allows administrators to act quickly and efficiently to diagnose the problem and solve it before it can impact operations.


2)     Routinely Scheduled Maintenance 


Routinely Scheduled Maintenance allows Administrators the ability to maintain and update systems in off-hours while keeping the systems in place secure from vulnerable exploits. Many software providers push updates out that are security patches, bug fixes, and enhancements to the software. Staying up-to-date on these patches allows for the most secure and problem-free environments.


3)     Automation

Automation provides IT experts the ability to configure the RMM to be scalable from one system to one thousand systems and above. This allows the admin to configure network automation to monitor and self-balance the network traffic, analyze traffic, switch port and end-user monitoring, WAN (Internet)performance monitoring, and IP address management.

4)     Minimized Downtime 


RMM offers IT departments the ability to Minimized Downtime. This is accomplished but configuring the RMM to take advantage of off-hours and perform necessary duties autonomously and with little oversite.


When we add all of these benefits together, we can increase company productivity by mitigating issues and downtime. Itecs utilizes these tools along with Expert Network administrators to keep your office up and running as much as possible.


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