All About QuickBooks Desktop Hosting

May 1, 2024

All About QuickBooks Desktop Hosting

Accounting is a major part of any business, big or small, and helps keep a business afloat and thriving through the competition. Therefore, managing it right is crucial to shape or influence the revenue and growth of a company. Businesses, SMB’s especially, need to invest in the right accounting management software for their day-to-day operations.

QuickBooks is emerging as popular accounting software, especially for small and medium scale businesses, in order to manage their accounting activities. While it can be easily installed on business desktops, the local IT configuration can pose some problems and restrictions.

Small business QuickBooks desktop hosting is a better alternative. In simple words, it is the installation of different versions of QuickBooks by QuickBooks desktop cloud service providers either on their public or managed servers. Businesses get quick and easy access to any installed version of QuickBooks through a connected internet device.

Read on to know the benefits of Small Business QuickBooks desktop hosting:

Reduces Cost of Operations

Opting for a QuickBooks Desktop cloud provider is advantageous for SMBs as the service provider will install the software on their cloud environment. This puts the onus of responsibility for maintaining the server as well as the day-to-day running costs on the service provider, saving the business a big chunk of money with small business QuickBooks desktop hosting services. A business can also opt for a pay-as-you-go payment model which means it pays only for the services used.

Makes Accounting Easy

It goes without saying that QuickBooks desktop hosting leads to a paperless environment since all data is stored digitally. Secondly, the user-friendly interface helps optimize the productivity of accountants in the business.  Moving to a QuickBooks desktop cloud provider helps a business cut down on administrative costs while also reducing the business’s carbon footprint.

Keeps Data Secure

Small and medium enterprises get all the security they need to protect their data from data breaches, malware, phishing attacks, and other cybercrimes at just a fraction of the cost of purchasing additional data security software. Most QuickBooks desktop cloud providers employ enhanced security measures to maintain and safeguard data.

Backup and Recovery

The major advantage of using a QuickBooks desktop cloud provider is the availability of automated backup in the event that the data is lost. In case of a disaster, natural or human, the lost data can be easily and quickly retrieved since QuickBooks is hosted on a cloud server. This means that the functionality of the software is not hampered and work can continue seamlessly.

Remotely Accessible

A desktop-installed accounting application keeps employees restricted to their locations and systems. In other words, in case of an emergency, the user first needs to come to the office in order to access files and implement any changes. This can be severely restrictive to the growth of the business, especially in times that call for a quick turnaround.

With the help of a QuickBooks desktop cloud provider, you can move your data to the cloud, allowing users to easily access data files through their personal laptops or even mobile devices and tablets from virtually anywhere. This improves productivity and increases the chances of growth.

Easy Third-Party Integrations

Another benefit of cloud storage is that it is easy to implement any third-party integrations as and when required. Any other software like TSheets etc. that is not a part of QuickBooks but may be required by the business for their daily operations can be seamlessly integrated without any disruption in procedures.

QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Providers can help small and medium businesses to scale up not only their accounting processes but also their businesses as well.

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