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Outages and reliance on big tech

January 25, 2023

In recent years, the reliance on technology in both personal and professional settings has grown exponentially. With this increase in dependence, issues with big tech companies such as Microsoft and their Office 365 platform have become more prominent. Outages on these platforms can have a significant impact on individuals and businesses worldwide, leading to lost productivity and revenue.

One major issue with relying on these big tech companies is their susceptibility to outages. In 2020, a widespread outage of Microsoft's Office 365 platform affected users globally, causing delays in communication and work. These outages can be caused by a variety of factors, including technical issues, natural disasters, and cyber attacks. The consequences of these outages can be severe, with some businesses reporting losses of tens of thousands of dollars due to the inability to access important files and data.

Another issue with relying on big tech companies is the lack of control and transparency. Users may not know the exact cause of an outage or when it will be resolved, leaving them at the mercy of the tech giant. Additionally, businesses may have sensitive information stored on these platforms, and a lack of control over data security can lead to concerns about data breaches and privacy.

One solution to these issues is to work with managed service providers (MSPs) like iTecs that do not rely on big tech companies for their cloud services. Instead, they own and maintain their own hardware, which is located in various data centers. This ensures a high level of control and transparency over the technology being used, and minimizes the risk of outages and data breaches. iTecs, for example, offers this solution and does not depend on big tech companies like Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS for the stability of their cloud.

In conclusion, while big tech companies like Microsoft and their Office 365 platform have revolutionized the way we work, the reliance on these platforms has also led to issues such as outages and lack of control. Working with MSPs like iTecs that own and maintain their own hardware in various data centers can provide a solution to these issues and improve the stability of the cloud. It is important for businesses to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of relying on big tech companies and consider alternative solutions like working with MSPs to ensure continuity of operations.

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