IT Support and Cybersecurity Services for Car Dealerships

Need for Speed, IT Support, Cybersecurity, and MSP

May 5, 2022

Technology is all around us, and the automotive industry is no stranger. Auto-dealers are busy enough without worrying about technology and security, but that does not mean it is not just as important as the standard responsibilities. Outsourcing IT and cybersecurity responsibilities to Managed Service Providers (MSP) allow dealerships to improve thoughtful service offerings and full-cycle customer interaction while keeping costs down and increasing productivity. iTecs focuses on delivering services, IT outsourcing, IT support, managed IT services, IT consulting, cloud hosting services, and cybersecurity. Additionally, iTecs' dedicated team of experts is available both onsite and remotely, ready to assist whenever and wherever we are needed. iTecs provides the services we do best, so your dealership can focus on what you do best.

Now more than ever, it is essential to outsource to an MSP. The automotive industry is transforming into a financial industry. Auto-dealers handle copious amounts of financial information for their clients, which would be detrimental if the system's security was compromised and the information fell into the wrong hands. With iTecs, we have the expertise to ensure that your security is top-notch, so you and your customers will feel at ease. Technology is ever-changing, so it is important to keep up with the changes. As Your IT Solution, iTecs stays ahead of the curve; while proactively managing your technology. This ensures that minor issues do not interrupt business functions or turn into an intractable problem that costs valuable time and money at your dealership. Outsourcing to iTecs as your MPS ensures your business's technology is maintained regularly, reduces the risk of your hardware failing or becoming compromised, and creates high-quality backup and recovery solutions while lowing technology costs in the long run. Issues are costly to fix, and when technology is mismanaged or compromised, that cost can be more than a headache and a hassle.

Allow your customers to drive off with security by choosing iTecs as YOUR IT SOLUTION!

iTecs is a leading provider of managed cloud, cybersecurity, and IT services with its corporate headquarters in Dallas, TX. With clients across the United States, Canada, and Europe, iTecs is well positioned to provide dealerships with the best white-glove services.

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