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Why Mock Phishing And Training Is Important

February 11, 2021

Testing the company's staff on their ability to spot phishing attacks should be a routine process that all businesses should adhere-to. The importance of knowing which members of the team require some level of training is crucial.

What is a mock phishing simulated attack?

Using technology that mimics generic and tailored phishing emails, the target company is sent harmless emails with tracking technology that reports back who opened the emails and clicked on the links within them. The simulated phishing emails can mimic anything from Amazon order confirmations to IRS warnings. They can also be spear-phishing emails tailored to attack a specific entity, company, department, or persons.

What to expect when you engage a managed IT services provider for mock phishing training campaigns?

We can't speak for all MSP's, but with iTecs, we start the process by interviewing the manager who will be our main point of contact and decide on the level of aggression, the types of simulated attacks, the attack schedule, and if and how we enforce training. iTecs handles the design, launch, tracking, reporting, and training; we handle everything.

Important things to consider:

The mock phishing campaign design can be intricate, but iTecs has much experience working with various companies and can make suggestions as consultants. This is what differentiates us from other competitors.  We provide our clients with the white-glove managed experience and work closely with them to ensure we meet their goals.

We've started our campaigns with an online seminar, hosted for your staff, that provides a short but very informative session to teach how to spot phishing attacks followed by a quick Q&A session. The seminar is recorded and delivered to the customer to use with future onboards of new employees. This is an optional way to begin, the seminar could always be something we perform once the first waves of attacks has been launched.

If you are interested in learning more about iTecs mock phishing simulations and training services, please let us know, and an IT specialist will be happy to assist.

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