April 2, 2020

How to prevent Zoombombing

A-holes hijacking Zoom calls with grotesque images and noise

As Zoom grows due to the coronavirus induced work from home style of conducting business. Immature and nefarious actors are hijacking and listening in on business and personal meetings around the world. We've heard reports of Youtube videos of Neo-Nazi sort of content suddenly shown in meetings, to loud ear gouging noises played until people leave the session.

Zoom has encouraging people to use the waiting room, a meeting lock, and a limit on screen sharing features:

  • A waiting room is a virtual place where people gather before a Zoom meeting, a control in Zoom's web settings.
  • A meeting lock stops uninvited parties from joining, click the MANAGE PARTICIPANTS button at the bottom of the Zoom application window, hit MORE in the participant's pane near the bottom right corner of the window, and select LOCK MEETING.
  • The host can stop a participant's taking control of what everyone sees by enabling the restriction from the Zoom web settings.

Zoom is working with other companies to stop the disruption of meetings, but is it too late? The company's reputation as a secure and private solution to working from home and teleconferencing is diminishing. iTecs is advising clients to try different solutions if Zoom intrusion concerns are unacceptable. With a broad market of solutions out there, your business model, needs, and security goals will affect which product to use for your business.

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