G Suite vs Office 365

G Suite VS Office 365

December 28, 2020

G-Suite or Office 365 this is the question that has stumped small to medium-sized business owners for years.

Now businesses are looking to move into the cloud and need to know where to start and who to use. Some of the most important factors to consider are security, integration, functionality, and usability.

Is it secure?

Office 365 comes out on top over G suite when you focus solely on Security. Having worked with both platforms, we administrators have the ability to customize security protocols to be able to manage users permissions to access the systems.  Office 365 and G-Suite are constantly performing updates on their platform’s keeping them as secure as possible.  A big security flaw in G Suite is it’s convenience, G Suite allows third-party apps and extensions which allow users to grant certain permissions that cause a security risk. Microsoft users would find it difficult to find many preconfigured to Office 365 as a login.

Can I integrate it?

Office 365 and G Suite integrate with most other cloud based services. However, G Suite runs into a lot more issues when trying to integrate than Office 365 does. One example of this is when trying to use Google sheets off of an Excel sheet. When you copy over a table from Excel and paste this into G Suite you lose the formatting.

How does it function?

Office 365 is way out ahead of the competition when it comes to Functionality.  SharePoint brings a lot to the table such as Workflow, which can be used to consistently manage common business processes, to dashboards that can be customized to show your companies Key Performance Indicators. These valuable features are not available with G Suite.

How user friendly?

Usability is something to consider when choosing between these two platforms. Your companies age demographic would determine which of these would fit the best. G Suite is used a lot now a days on college campuses the younger generation is familiar with it. Anyone that has been in the work force longer than 4 years will be more familiar with Office 365.


When looking at G Suite vs. Office 365 we must think about industry standards. Office 365 is the business standard across most industries. While G Suite has some easy to use tools, these tools do not compete with benefits you get from Office 365 and its abundance of useful applications and tools that play well with others.

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