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Why End Point Detection (EDR) Offers Better Security

July 16, 2021

Why SentinelOne is a better anti-virus software than your average anti-virus  

Most people believe that by having a standard anti-virus, they are safe from attacks and can browse the internet without a care in the world. The truth is that the typical anti-virus software only operates using a database of publicly known viruses. So what happens when a new virus comes out, one that has yet to be added to the said database? The virus passes by the anti-virus software undetected and is free to attack without stop until it has been identified and added to the known malware lists. By this point, the damage to infected machines has already been done.

SentinelOne is the fix to this issue. Though it follows the same rules of blocking preexisting viruses, it also adds the protection of constantly scanning your PC and monitoring your files and apps for any suspicious modifications, such as bulk file encryption. When triggered by such an event, SentinelOne will automatically quarantine the infected device to prevent the spread to other devices on the network and minimize the damage done to the system as a whole. This type of software is known as Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), and it dramatically reduces damage done to IT infrastructures with multiple users and devices.

With the current global climate, cybersecurity breaches are a clear and present danger to individuals and organizations alike. The rate at which new threats are being identified proves the inadequacy of traditional anti-virus software as a singular security measure. Considering its powerful and comprehensive threat-detecting abilities, SentinelOne proves to be a clear winner in any environment.

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