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What is IT Outsourcing?

IT Outsourcing is when a company leverages a technology firm to handle some or all information technology responsibilities and services. IT Outsourcing is usually a service medium, and small businesses utilize that reduce their overall IT expenses and obtain highly trained staff.

Companies can outsource internal support, cybersecurity, consulting, and other IT related services usually handled by internal IT departments

iTecs, the authority in IT Outsourcing.

Since 2002, we have provided companies with managed IT services, consulting, procurement, and IT support (break-fix) for companies of all sizes and sectors. Our staff is trained and experienced in many technologies, from commonly used to specialized solutions for specific industries.

Our menu of services extends beyond the traditional benefits of break-fix IT support. Our IT Outsourcing Managed Services (IOMSP) are a top-down approach that allows businesses to leverage our company to fulfill the CIO/CTO, consultant, purchaser, maintainer, supporter, and overall management of anything IT related.

iTecs IOMSP starts with the assignment of three Network Administrators who view your network as if it were their own. They are responsible for the support, maintenance, updates, and security of your IT infrastructure. You also work with iTecs senior management staff for fractional CIO/CTO services.

Finally, iTecs Promus is your cloud hosting division, which provides SOC2/HIPAA compliant hosting services that cost less than Amazon AWS, Rackspace, and other non-managed providers. Outsourcing your server and data storage to our cloud gives extra cost savings, all the while including support, backup, security, and maintenance.

Brian Desmot, CEO and founder, has molded a professional and reliable consulting and managed services firm that companies, in any business sector, can outsource all of their IT needs.

Why do companies outsource their IT?

Companies of all sizes realize the ROI when choosing to outsource some or all of their IT needs to a firm like iTecs. There are several reasons why they are unique to each business, but the outcome is the same: less liability, enormous cost savings, less headache in management and logistics, a broad range of expertise, access to third-party agreements, and tax incentives.

Imagine you are a medium-sized company with 100+ million a year in gross profit. At the same time, you could easily afford to hire a Network Engineer, Network Administrator, Cybersecurity Expert, System Administrator, Help Desk Agents, and a Director of IT to manage everything. Plus, provide your team with third-party tools and services. Instead, you could hire iTecs who can wear the hats of everyone a large company needs and provide the tools and services to ensure proper security, management, monitoring, and tracking of your IT assets.

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