August 2, 2017

SonicWALL Hidden Features and Configuration Options

SonicWall Hidden Features and Configuration Options

The hidden HTML page can be found on all TZ, NSA, SOHO and various other SonicWALL models.  When you enter this configuration page, the unit displays the following disclaimer:Warning: these settings are not documented and changing settings here could prevent proper operation of the SonicWall. Only make such changes if instructed by SonicWall technical support.

Access this hidden page by logging into your SonicWALL and manually type the following address "https://<your SonicWALL IP>/diag.html"

The hidden HTML page provides a long list of additional configuration options such as:

  • Download Trace Log
  • ARP related options such as: enable/disable ARP bridging, limit ARPS of non-responsive IPs, only allow ARP entries with unicast addresses
  • Routing and Network Settings such as: enable TCP packet option tagging, enable TCP sequence number randomization, perform SYN validation
  • DNS and DNS proxy settings
  • DHCP settings such as: Enable DHCP server network pre-discovery
  • VoIP settings
  • VPN settings
  • Encryption settings
  • Firewall settings
  • Security service settings
  • Threat API settings that enable or disable threat API filtering
  • DPI-SSL settings
  • High availability settings
  • Network failover and load balancing
  • PPPOE settings
  • Management settings
  • User authentication settings
  • Diagnostics settings
  • Watchdog settings
  • Wireless settings
  • Anti-spam service settings
  • Remote assistance switch to allow Dell remote access
  • WAN acceleration settings
  • GeoIP/Location service settings
  • Flow reporting
  • Log settings
  • IPv6 settings
  • ICMP settings

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