September 18, 2017

Malware hidden in CCleaner

Security experts found malware hidden in the popular CCleaner software

We are urging all of our clients to uninstall CCleaner from all workstations due to a recent malware injection found by security experts.  Hackers have successfully implemented malware into the app and have distributed it to millions of users.  Security researchers at Cisco Talos discovered that download servers used by Avast, which is the company that owns CCleaner, were compromised.

If you installed CCleaner before version 5.33, you're still at risk because the software can automatically update itself and by doing so, download the malware infected version of CCleaner from the software developers servers.  This hack is an unusual attack since CCleaner is trusted by consumers to remove adware, not install malware and compromise your digital security.

What happens to my computer if I become infected?

It's not fully understood what the malware does once your computer is infected, but that doesn't matter since it's always best practices to assume the worse.  We do know that your system joins a botnet of other infected computers used for several malicious tasks including Denial of Service Attacks.

What should I do if I have CCleaner installed?

Uninstall the software immediately!  If your computer is part of our managed IT services, we maintain your system, and you don't need CCleaner since we perform everything it does plus more.  How do you know if iTecs maintains your system?  Look for our company logo in your taskbar, if you see the red triangle your system is updated and maintained daily.

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