February 18, 2021

iTecs Enters Into A Distribution Partnership With StrikeForce Technologies, Inc

iTecs Outsourcing, LLC, an IT MSP, cloud hosting, and cybersecurity firm, has officially entered into a distribution partnership with StrikeForce Technologies, Inc.

iTecs Outsourcing, LLC, an IT MSP, cloud hosting, and cybersecurity firm that works with companies across the United States, has officially entered into a partnership with StrikeForce Technologies, Inc (OTC PINK: SFOR), a cyber technology company that prevents data theft and security breaches.

Founded by Brian Desmot in 2002, iTecs works with companies in all sectors and provides many IT-related services, including cloud hosting and cybersecurity as a managed service. Many of iTecs existing clients rely on the company to serve as their offsite IT department, handling procurement of technology, CIO/CTO consulting, break-fix support, and cloud hosting services. This puts iTecs in a unique and advantageous position to become a distributor of StrikeForce Technologies products and services.

 "We believe in the products that StrikeForce has developed and are excited to begin this venture of helping our clients further secure their IT infrastructure, devices, and communication solutions. With our existing client base and ability to reach new customers, the additional verticals that StrikeForce has provided iTecs are enormous. Their products, including PrivacyLok and SafeVchat, are well designed and in high demand as many of our clients are scrambling to find more secure alternatives to China-based Zoom." Says Brian Desmot, CEO and Founder of iTecs.

SafeVchat is the first cybersecurity firm-developed video conferencing solution that provides all the features of Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, but with security in mind. It is also one of the few video conferencing solutions that do not require installing any software on the end-user's computer.

iTecs will leverage the Promus Cloud Hosting division of the company and offer SafeVchat as a managed video conferencing solution. This means that a customer may elect to have the SafeVchat technology hosted in the secure iTecs Promus cloud or leverage the iTecs Network Engineers to install the platform in their own data centers.

"We are excited to help our clients with a robust and more secure video conferencing solution that, we believe, SafeVchat offers." Brian Desmot concludes.

For more information on StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. products, please visit their website StrikeForce Technologies.

For more information on iTecs Promus Cloud Hosting division, visit Managed Small Business Cloud Hosting (SMB) | iTecs Promus (itecsonline.com)

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