July 10, 2017

Is your company data safe?

How effective is your business IT continuity? Data recovery and backup plans for your IT.

Disaster recovery, backups, and business IT continuity each are separate components but are closely related. Robust design for each one is crucial. A company that does not understand the differences between them or has a rock-solid, documented plan to execute in-the-event-of, is exceptionally vulnerable to a genuinely cataclysmic disaster.

Here are some chilling statics to consider.

  • 3 out of 4 companies fail from a disaster recovery standpoint.
  • 20% of the companies surveyed indicated post-incident losses of more than $50,000 to 5 million dollars.
  • 60% of businesses that lose their data will shut down within six months of the disaster.
  • Companies that can’t resume normal operations within ten days of a loss incident will likely not survive.
  • 60% of businesses don’t have a fully documented disaster recovery plan, and 40% of them said theirs didn’t work.

Sources: The Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council’s 2014 Annual Report, FEMA, and Strategic Resource Institute

Our consulting team and managed IT services programs can provide your business the necessary plan and tools to ensure you don't become a statistic.

Let us worry about what happens when a human error, natural disasters and even burglary and vandalize brings your business to a halt.  We work closely with our clients to get a clear understanding of their business processes.  We explore and devise a disaster recovery plan that fits your budget and business continuity demands.  We then implement the necessary software and hardware to meet those requirements.

Visit our Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions page to learn more about how we can provide your company business IT continuity.

Visit our contact us page for a free consultation and 40% off your first month with our related IT services.

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