September 28, 2017

Home and Office Quick Access Pistol Safe

Quick access pistol/gun safe for your home or office

Biometric handgun safe that provides responsible storage, while enabling you quick and easy access to protect yourself and your assets.  We've reviewed several models on the market, and for the cost and features, the Sentry is by far our favorite choice.  This safe can hold a full size 1911 with a clip or tactical flashlight and is extremely rugged.  It provides a quiet quick release mechanism to eliminate sound as you open the safe.

BIOMETRIC HANDGUN SAFE: Gun storage for one standard handgun has a biometric lock with fingerprint scanner for advanced protection

QUICK ENTRY: Electronic gun safe has quick, quiet, entry with compression gas strut that opens the door silently and holds open for single-handed access

FIREARM SECURITY: Gunlock box has a pry-resistant door and solid steel construction providing strength and security against unauthorized access to firearms

PISTOL LOCKBOX: Biometric safe complete with at-the-ready pistol presentation and an override key for convenient backup access; Fingerprint safe is certified to California DOJ Requirements

PROTECTION AND READINESS: SentrySafe empowers homeowners with leading-edge and tactical firearm storage; biometric gun safes for home when it matters most

SentrySafe Pistol Safe, Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe, Single Gun Capacity, QAP1BE.

Sold by Amazon for $158.62.

SentrySafe Pistol Safe, Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe, Single Gun Capacity, QAP1BE


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