Passive Income with iTecs Partner Network

Join our growing partner network and easily build passive income in IT.

iTecs offers all information technology services, including IT outsourcing, support, consulting, and cloud hosting services. We are competitively priced with all our services and, since 2002, approach each business opportunity with white-glove, customer-centric, professionalism.

We provide the opportunity for business owners and associates who frequently work with other companies to introduce iTecs and generate passive income with our growing partner reseller network. All you need to do is introduce us, and we'll handle the sales cycle. Any profits we make from your lead, we send you 10% every month.

Make $100.00 monthly for every thousand we make for the life of the relationship. With a basic understanding of the services and products we offer, it's easy to say, "I know a company that does that." or "I know a company that can significantly reduce your IT expenses."

Join our partner network with no sales quotas, no exclusive or non-compete agreements, or extensive training. To register, reach out to us to schedule a quick call with an iTecs IT Manager. A 30-minute call to explain what we do, obtain your information for payments, and answer any questions, and you're all set to generate new passive income streams.

Easily create passive income with iTecs IT services.


Make the introduction. For example, an email CC'ing your assigned iTecs Manager is all it takes.


We discuss our services and handle the sales cycle.


Receive 10% monthly of all the profits.

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