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IT help desk outsourcing services for companies who want U.S.A. based technical support

Since 2002, iTecs has provided companies proficient technical support help desk services, catering to enterprise, large, medium, and managed service businesses. With our offices centrally located in Dallas, TX, we provide your company English speaking certified technical support specialists that follow SOC2 Type 2, HIPAA, and PCI compliance standards.

You can count on iTecs to provide tier 1 and 2 IT technical support help desk services to your staff and customers. With our flexible plans from leveraged teams, private-labeled help desk, and optional 24-hour support, we can serve any company's IT needs. We also provide network monitoring, security as a service, and other managed IT services to strengthen your infrastructure.

Who outsources their IT help desk to iTecs?

Our clients understand the holistic value with our help desk services within the first week of working with us. It's not esoteric- having reliable, competent, and well-spoken English agents always available to help with your organization's IT support requests are our intrinsic values.


Managed Service Providers (MSP) can leverage our IT help desk services to reduce their ticket count and reduce overhead. We can provide white-label support and custom Service Level Agreements. MSP customers also gain access to our RMM and other products and services to increase their overall menu of services.


Leveraging our help desk agents eliminates high costs in infrastructure, payroll, and management expenses. Enterprise companies, such as the Kraft company, save hundreds of thousands of dollars while having agents trained in their proprietary software and detailed protocols.

Medium and large businesses

Businesses rapidly growing in their sectors need to keep up with the growing demand of IT support requests for their staff and customers. Our tailored technical support options are molded to meet the goals of businesses in any sector.

Universities and colleges

Campuses utilize a vast array of technological solutions for faculty and students that need reliable and manageable support. We provide higher education schools with a customized set of attractive solutions, including:

  • Procurement, management, and tracking of computers and devices
  • Vulnerability scanning and cybersecurity solutions
  • Tailored technical support

iTecs' American-based IT help desk service team is ready to help alleviate the demand of your customers' and employees' technical support needs.

Technical Support IT Help Desk AgentOutsourcing IT Help Desk Services in the United States

Our help desk team can learn your products, business protocols, and other intricacies to ensure we can competently fulfill your technical support needs. We can use your existing ticketing system and knowledge base assets or leverage our own.

Our robust IT systems provide you with data metrics that track and regularly report customer and staff calls, requests, and incidents.  Your assigned Help Desk Account Manager is also available to assist with both onboarding and ongoing services.

Always Available Experience IT Help Desk Outsourcing Services


Our IT help desk staff can be reached by phone, text, email, live chat, and through our easy-to-use ticketing system. Your staff will always have an option to contact the iTecs help desk team around the clock.

Experience IT Help Desk Outsourcing Services


Every interaction someone has with your brand is an opportunity to reflect your company's competency and elegance. Your iTecs help desk team consists of trained and proven experts in resolving level 1 and 2 support requests.

Tailored Experience IT Help Desk Outsourcing Services


Choose to have a dedicated team, 24/7 support, have us leverage your knowledge base and ticketing system, agents answer the phone under your company name, all of the above, and more for a tailored help desk partnership.

Monitor Your Experience IT Help Desk Outsourcing Services


Targeted reporting, KPIs and metrics all available on-demand. You'll get complete visibility into usage and adoption of our IT help desk services.

iTecs provides IT help desk services for companies of all sizes and in all industries. Our highly trained help desk agents are diverse in their skill set and capable of quickly learning new products.

If necessary, we assign a dedicated trainer who will work closely with your staff to learn your IT needs, infrastructure, and protocols. That trainer will then teach the iTecs agents to proficiently and competently fulfill your support needs.

iTecs' United States based IT help desk service provides a cost efficient solution to every company's outsourced technical support needs.

IT help desk outsourcing made easy

Outsourcing IT help desk services to iTecs has been made painless due to our experience and white-glove approach. We assign a Help Desk Manager at the beginning of the introductory phase, and that expert will continue to work with you throughout the life of the partnership.

We typically begin with an introductory kick-off call to establish a clear understanding of your IT help desk needs. This call includes introducing you to your IT Help Desk Manager, the company's CEO, and other essential agenda subjects.

IT Help Desk Outsourcing Services Made Easy

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