Employee Monitoring Solutions for Dallas Business in a Work From Home Scenario

iTecs Teramind Monitoring provides a user-centric security approach to monitoring the behavior of employees and remote users. The employee monitoring software can help identify who is working, for how long, what they are doing, and even detect suspicious activity. The monitoring tool is also useful to ensure regulatory compliance and your organization’s IT policies; a true computer surveillance turkey solution.

Employee Monitoring Dallas Businesses

A Managed Services Computer Surveillance Approach to Employee Monitoring

iTecs white-glove Managed IT Services include the robust and intuitive Teramind Monitoring solution, whereas we provide the server, and digital storage space in our data center. We will also help you deploy the software across your company owned systems.

How does it work?

Our monitoring agent is compatible with a multitude of operating systems, including Terminal Services. The software quietly monitors the host computer or server without an indication that it’s running in the background. The agent records the user activity to your private Teramind Monitoring server in our data center.

Employee Monitoring Dallas Businesses

Features and Benefits include:

  • Real-time alerts
  • Setup behavior notification policies
  • Stream real-time videos feeds
  • Watch a pre-recorded video of their activities at any point in time
  • Monitor keystrokes, emails, file transfers, and print jobs
  • Idle time monitoring
  • Productivity analysis
  • Browsing history
  • Time tracking
Employee Monitoring Dallas Businesses
Employee Monitoring Dallas Businesses
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