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PrivacyLok Privacy Protection Software
PrivacyLok Protection Software For your Privacy

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Designed by StrikeForce Technologies, Inc, an American cybersecurity firm with 20 plus years of experience, PrivacyLok locks down your camera, microphone, speakers, keyboard, clipboard, and screen. If a program requests access to that hardware, PrivacyLok will present the user with an ALLOW or DENY prompt with optional white- or blacklisting.

An innovative solution that stops undetected zero-day viruses on your computer from eavesdropping.

PrivacyLok Is Constantly Protecting Your Device's Accessories, Even If Your Antivirus Fails.

PrivacyLok iTecs IT Outsourcing and Support
PrivacyLok Protection Software For Your Privacy

PrivacyLok Automatically Protects These Elements

PrivacyLok Protects Your Camera


Secures access to your camera, allows applications you approve

PrivacyLok Protects Your Screen


Secures your screen and prevents unwanted applications from streaming what you see

PrivacyLok Protects Your Speakers


Secures what applications can listen in on what your speakers are projecting

PrivacyLok Protects Your MIcrophone


Blocks applications from accessing your microphone unless you whitelist or approve the action

PrivacyLok Protects Your Keyboard


Secures your keyboard keystrokes by blocking access to unauthorized applications

PrivacyLok Protects Your Clipboard


Keeps the objects in your clipboard memory private unless you approve the application attempting access

How PrivacyLok Works

PrivacyLok is a small program that runs in your computer's background (Mac version coming soon), acting as a gatekeeper for the six elements in the table above. The program icon resides in your computer's taskbar, in the bottom right-hand corner, and will pop up a message if any program attempts to access those elements.

The pop-up describes what the program is and what it's trying to access. You can quickly APPROVE or DENY the access and, for added convenience, WHITELIST or BLACKLIST the program to prevent future messages for that particular program.


PrivacyLok Pricing
$3.00/Month When Bundled With SafeVchat

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