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iTecs clients can pay for goods and services with digital currency.
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Why is iTecs accepting blockchain tokens as well as traditional fiat currency?

At iTecs, we foresee businesses of all sizes adopting cryptocurrencies as a preferred form of payment for services rendered and products sold in the near future. We believe in the decentralized and community-driven structure these ecosystems present and feel that this move lends a hand to propelling this evolutionary movement.

We also see digital currency becoming the main form of payment in accounts payables with contractors, vendors, and employee salaries.

While we understand that the adoption of cryptocurrency as a form of payment in the mainstream may take time, we are confident it is the future. As esoteric as it may currently be, we have the proclivity for the bleeding edge.

Partnering with bitpay we now accept the following types of blockchain tokens and will further expand our cryptocurrency payment options.